Thursday, March 12, 2020

Corona Virus Awareness

If you have paid attention to any of the many forms of media available (newspaper, TV, radio, internet, neighborhood gossip, etc.) you have probably heard of the Corona virus, or COVID-19.  Only months ago few had heard of it.  As of the time of this writing that has changed, and its impact has been far-reaching.  Sporting events are being held without fans, sports leagues are suspending their seasons, colleges are conducting “online only” classes, and some neighborhood schools have closed for short periods for cleaning and disinfecting.  Without a crystal ball, we don’t know how long this will impact our communities, but we know it has, and that is expected to continue.

As a result of the above, we feel responsible for addressing the many questions raised regarding our meetings and activities.  We are not medically trained, so no medical advice will be attempted.  Instead, we will borrow from a recent communication sent to Lodge Secretaries by MWB C. Michael Watson, Grand Secretary. Which is reproduced below.

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With the outbreak of the Corona Virus and media attention, we are receiving questions regarding a Grand Lodge position or statement.

Yesterday, restrictions were placed on the three Ohio Masonic Home Communities. These restrictions applied to visitation by non-residents and are a result of directives issued by the CDC and recommendations by the Governor of Ohio. If similar restrictions were placed in your communities, the Grand Lodge would expect Ohio Masons to observe them and not violate a public safety directive.

Meetings and Inspections are not being cancelled.

Rather, individual personal judgement should be used to determine whether or not you attend the event. If you don’t feel well or are concerned about exposure, do not attend. Our Masonic Code does not provide for the cancelation of Stated Meetings. If you don’t have at least eight members of your Lodge present to open Lodge and conduct business, you simply do not hold a meeting.

For more information on how to protect yourself against common cold, flu and seasonal illness visit the Grand Lodge web site blog:
We will continue to follow this closely and will communicate any updates.


C. Michael Watson, Secretary
Grand Lodge of Ohio F&AM

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As you will note, Lodges are not permitted to cancel meetings, so we won’t.  However, the same standard we expect to be used during inclement conditions can be a guide in your personal decisions.  The following is copied from an earlier post on our web site:

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Masonic Lodges are not permitted to cancel meetings.  This is similar in thought to the unofficial Post Office motto: 

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds

The exception in our case is that we don’t have appointed rounds, only appointed days and times.  When conditions make travel or attendance unsafe, uncomfortable, or inconvenient, we advise members to attend to their necessary vocations and welfare. 

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We hope this sufficiently explains the situation.  If not, and you have non-medical questions or concerns, please contact us.


John Mathew, Secretary

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