Thursday, January 23, 2020

It's Winter Time!

Is it:

Cold? Rainy? Snowy? Warm? Sunny? All of these?

Yes, that means it is winter in Ohio. This is the time of year when weather prognosticators make their real $. Snow overnight? Check. Torrential rains in the afternoon? Check. Anyone can predict spring rain, summer warmth, and bright colors in the fall. Real experts can handle whatever Ohio has in store during January and February.

Since our last post we have resumed our regular meeting schedule. Along with that, we have continued the pre-meeting dinner schedule which has become so popular. Menus are varied, frequently determined that morning. If you have a favorite food you'd like to see included, say so!  Not every meeting has to be preceded by prime rib and baked potato.

Our last post noted our 2020 Inspection requirement was completed in December. The popular phrase is “It's all over but the shouting”. In our case, it's all over but the paperwork. When the final report hits, it will be official. In the mean time, Inspection season continues. A link to the 15th District web site will reveal the entire schedule, so it won't be duplicated here.

We have some dates below as a reminder. As additional details are available they will be posted.

May 9, 2020                Grand Master’s Class.
GM Keith Newton has announced his plan to hold a Grand Master’s Class in each District in Ohio on May 9th.  Details to follow.

June 7, 2020                Ohio Masonic Home Day, Springfield, Ohio.

June 26, 2020                Ohio Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

August 29, 2020                Grand Master’s Motorcycle Ride for Charity,

September 18-20, 2020         GLO Fellowship, Fun, and Family Retreat.
GM Keith Newton has announced his plan to hold a family retreat at a state park.  More information to follow. 

This seems to cover our calendar as we know it.  For the remainder of your winter, remember to take time to sit back, relax, and stay warm.

See you in Lodge!

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