Monday, December 12, 2016

Schedule Change!

Today we received the following message from the La Rue Village Office, regarding this year's Christmas in the Village celebration:

** Important Message **
Christmas in the Village has been canceled due to predicted low temperatures.

Santa, hot dogs, cookies, and hot chocolate will be available at the bank from 3-6pm

Although most of us hate change, this seems to be the best decision. Temperatures for Thursday are predicted for a high of 7 degrees, and a low of -1, with winds of 15-20 mph. 

Please adjust your calendars accordingly.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

The weather outside might be cooling off, but we have been busy inside.

If you’ve been following our schedule you already know our meeting on December 7th was busy.  Starting with a pizza dinner, 19 members enjoyed an active meeting of fellowship, degree work, and a celebration of Masonic service. 
Assisted by RWB Willard Fissell and Brothers from the 10th Masonic District, our most recent Master Mason had an excellent experience.  It was a double blessing for us, as it also served as preparation for our MM Inspection February 11th (see calendar below). 


An additional highlight of the evening was celebration of our Masonic Service Awards.  Many of us have attended these functions elsewhere, where the person to be recognized is expected to appreciate receiving a certificate without even mentioning their name.  That’s not the way we do things in La Rue.  This year we were blessed to have in attendance a 65-year member, a 50-year member, a 40-year member, and a 35-year member.  In the photos above you will see (1) WB Gene McMahan flanked by RWB Willard Fissell, DDGM of the 15th District, and WB Brian Lightfoot, WM, (2) RWB Richard Spracklen flanked by RWB Willard Fissell, DDGM of the 15th District, and WB Brian Lightfoot, WM, and (3) RWB Spracklen, WB McMahan, WB Sigrist, and WB Mathew.  Each had an opportunity to share recollections of their Masonic journey, and each received a Grand Master’s pin from RWB Fissell.

It is worth noting that these Brothers have not taken their membership lightly.  RWB Spracklen continues to serve as Tyler and Trustee.  WB Sigrist continues to serve as Treasurer, Trustee, and Lodge Education Officer.  WB Mathew continues to serve as Secretary. 

WB McMahan merits special mention, and not just for his 65 years of membership.  Utilizing skills learned as a former restaurant owner, WB McMahan has been responsible for more Masonic Dinners than anyone can remember.  He has also served as Junior Warden for more years than anyone remember, with best estimates exceeding 30 years.  This November, at the age of 93, WB McMahan decided to step down as Junior Warden to be able to spend more time with his wife, who is experiencing medical issues.  Any Lodge would feel fortunate to have members such as this.  We know we do.

Below is our adjusted calendar of events.  One significant adjustment is for our next meeting, December 21st.  That evening will start with dinner at 6:30pm, consisting of chili and cornbread.  Bro. Mike Wells will be preparing the meal, and frequent attendees will know to come early.

We’d like to remind you of a special local event.  La Rue’s Christmas in the Village celebration will be on Thursday, December 15th.  The family-friendly celebration has a number of attractions.  Keeping with tradition, the parade starts things off at 5pm.  The event continues with performances by the Elgin band and show choir, local church choirs, the Marionaires, carriage rides, train rides, live reindeer, food, and visits with the Big Guy – Santa!  And did we mention this was all free?  This is truly an event that only a small community could do right.

With that in mind, below is our anticipated schedule for the balance of 2016, and what is known for 2017.  Adjustments will be made as necessary, so check back often.

December 15, 2016            La Rue’s Christmas in the Village.  From 5 – 8 pm.

December 21, 2016            Chili and cornbread dinner at 6:30pm.  Stated Meeting. 

December 25, 2016            Christmas. 

December 31, 2016            New Year’s Eve.  Be sure to pick a designated driver!
                                                Reminder:  8:30pm, OSU v. Clemson.  Go Bucks!       

January 1, 2017                  New Year’s Day. 

January 2, 2017                  This is the day most of us decide whether sticking to those resolutions is going to happen.  Or not.

January 9, 2017                  College Football Championship Game

January 14, 2017                15th District Work Day, 9am, held at East Liberty #247.

January 16, 2017                Martin Luther King Day

January 18, 2017                Stated Meeting.
Pre-Inspection Visit by RWB Willard Fissell.

January 28, 2017                Inspection Season Starts, with Mt. Gilead Lodge #206.  Full schedule available at the 15th District web site link on the left.

February 11, 2017              Inspection of La Rue Lodge in the MM degree.  Lodge opens at 11am, lunch at noon, resuming degree work following lunch.

February 20, 2017              Presidents’ Day

March 25, 2017                    Grand Master’s One Day Class, 9am, at Palestine #158.

March 31, 2017                    15th District Grand Master’s Reception, 7pm, at All-Occasions Catering, Waldo, OH.

June 24, 2017                      300th Anniversary of Modern Freemasonry
15th District Picnic, 2pm, hosted by East Liberty #247.

That’s what we know for now.  See you at Lodge!