Sunday, March 19, 2017

Well, if our last post was just to share 2 events and one circumstance, this one can afford to be a little more detailed.

First, yes, we did pass our MM Inspection, as witnessed by 50 Brothers, which included many District Deputies and District Officers, both past and present.  Through some interesting shuffling of members among the speaking parts, and assistance of visiting Brothers for non-speaking parts, things went well.  As with all endeavors, many hands make for light work, especially those who are so willing to assist.  Were we the picture of perfection?  No.  Did we successfully communicate the significance of the degree work to the candidate?  From all accounts, that answer is “Yes”.

Second, the drain issue appears to be resolved.  Frequent readers will recall that on two successive Inspections the rest rooms overflowed, requiring them to be shut down.  After the first incident we thought the issue had been successfully addressed.  Now we know it has.  Since we share the building with Lynch’s Cash & Carry, who provided ingredients for our Inspection meal, it was important to get this right.  Along the way we learned many things about the plumbing through the building, including how it is routed, where “our” pipes are, and how it leaves the building.  It was an educational experience for us and the building’s owner, who was satisfied with our resolution.

Third, our roof issue has not yet been resolved, or paid for ( $3270 ).  Unfortunately the “fix” requires not just being next on the schedule, but a series of dry days for the repair to work.  At this point we are neither at the top of the list, nor have we had the required period of dry weather.  The leak has not been horrible, and we have been successful in catching the water in garbage cans.  Although effective, we are hoping our next report will include results instead of hopes.

Fourth, there have been some legislative changes that have impacted how our Lodge conducts business.  Years ago we were approved for non-profit status as a 501-C-10.  No, we are not tax exempt, just recognized as a non-profit.  That means your dues and donations ARE NOT tax deductible, although donations to the Ohio Masonic Home are deductible.  Now we are also required to register with the Secretary of State as a non-profit.  Those who follow legislative events will recognize this as a result of the rules passed relating to Homeland Security issues.  To maintain access to our funds, and be able to adjust them according to needs of the Lodge, we recently completed and filed the appropriate documents.  Yes, it cost us $25 to register as a non-profit, even though we were already granted that status.  What this does for us is to maintain our flexibility to shift funds and change investments as our needs change.

Fifth, we have more candidates!  Our MM degree at Inspection left us with one remaining candidate from our “class of three”.  Since then we have received and approved one petition, and have been informed another will be delivered shortly.  Subject to schedules and availability, we are expecting a busy spring and fall. 

The remaining items for presentation relate to the calendar.

* - As this is being typed there are five Inspections remaining within the 15th District, which puts us just past half way.  A complete list of Inspections can be found at the 15th District web site, accessible by using the link to the left. 

* - Coming up shortly are events related to the Grand Master’s One Day Class, and the 15th District Grand Master’s Reception.  Although deadlines have passed for meals at the events on March 25 and 31, the June event promises to be a different kind of experience.  To celebrate the 300th Anniversary of Modern Freemasonry there will be a picnic at a park, hosted by East Liberty #247.  We were informed this would be a family friendly event, and that spouses or significant others, kids, friends and relatives are welcome.  Specifics (food?) are still being clarified, but this gives candidates from the One Day Class a chance to get to know other members of the Fraternity, and for us to get to know them.  FYI - At last report, over 1,600 candidates will be participating in the One Day Classes throughout Ohio. 

* - The Ohio Masonic Home Day in Springfield is celebrating their 125th Anniversary this year.  It will be held on Sunday, June 4.  Opening ceremonies will start at 11am, and the day will conclude after the 3:30 parade.  The full schedule of events can be found at their web site:

Here is the rest of the calendar as we know it now:

March 20, 2017        First Day of Spring. 
Celebrate by putting your snow shovel in storage.

March 25, 2017        Grand Master’s One Day Class, 9am, at Palestine #158.

March 31, 2017        15th District Grand Master’s Reception, 7pm, at All-Occasions Catering, Waldo, OH. 

May 29, 2017            Memorial Day.  Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates all men and women who have died in military service for the United States. Many people visit cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day and it is traditionally seen as the start of the summer season.

June 4, 2017            Ohio Masonic Home Day, Springfield, Ohio.  See schedule link referenced above, or on the left side of this page.

June 21, 2017          First Day of Summer.  Break out the sun screen!

June 24, 2017          300th Anniversary of Modern Freemasonry
15th District Picnic, 2pm, hosted by East Liberty #247.

July 4, 2017              Independence Day.  Celebrate the birth of a nation! 
As of this date, 241 years and counting.

That’s what we know for now.  See you in Lodge!