Sunday, February 12, 2017

Quick Update


Our WM asked us to share two events and one circumstance:

1 – We passed our MM Inspection yesterday.  Through creative assignments, chair shuffling, and some assistance from visiting Brothers, our candidate was raised in fine form.  However, due to the prevailing custom of postponing presentations until a regular meeting, much of what normally follows the degree work will occur at our Stated Meeting on Wednesday, February 15.

2 – Our Inspection lunch was provided by Lynch’s Cash & Carry.  We served 50 meals, but had prepared for at least 60+.  As a result, we are having a dinner at 6:30pm PRIOR to our stated meeting on February 15.  The menu is lunchmeat sandwiches (turkey, ham, roast beef), potato salad, coleslaw, cookies, and beverages.

3 – For the second year at Inspection we had to shut down the restrooms, as they overflowed.  We thought this issue was under control, but obviously we were wrong.  At this point addressing this issue requires folks with more expertise than we have.  Combined with fixing our roof leak ($3270), this could prove to be one of our more expensive winters.

See you in Lodge!