Friday, August 7, 2015

Where has Summer Gone?

It seems like just yesterday we were suffering through the monsoon rains of spring.  Yes, we know that was just 2 weeks ago.  After 2 weeks of summer, we were hardly ready for this week’s transition to fall.  Such is the weather in Ohio.

The 2015 sessions for the Deputy Grand Master Rollout Programs have already begun.  We were fortunate to attend the first one, on July 28th in Findlay.  RWB Robert Rill Jr. presented his view for the future of our fraternity.  He endorsed continuing the efforts already in place, while making common-sense improvements and adjustments.  His presentation addressed two points sure to be of interest to our membership.

Social Media.  Grand Lodge, individual Lodges, as well as individual members increasingly use social media.  Web sites fit this category, but represent just a small portion of what is currently available.  Grand Lodge is interested in making a more interactive form of social media available to members.  With the assistance of those who know computers and programming, Grand Lodge is preparing such a program.  As of this time it does not have a catchy title.  The format will be similar to Face Book, with links between Grand Lodge, Masonic Districts, individual Lodges, and members.
- It will be MORI driven, in that it will be a “closed community” limited to members.  Your membership number will be required to log in.
- Lodge Officer directories will be accessible, not just the Worshipful Master and Secretary, which are currently listed for Grand Lodge purposes.
- Calendars will be made available to list events at the Lodge, District, or Grand Lodge level.  Each member in Ohio will be able to access this information. 
- Announcements will be available through this system, presumably anything that is for the good of the Order.
- There is currently not a deadline to have this system in place, but preparations have already begun. 

Approachability.  This is a concern of the DGM, and the entire line of Grand Lodge Officers.  They want each of us to feel comfortable to talk with them, ask questions, express opinions, etc.  Each of them might have a title significant to the Fraternity, but they are members just like us, and want to be treated as such.

The Deputy Grand Master Rollout Program sessions present an opportunity to hear thoughts, ideas, and plans for the fraternity directly from the source.  They are informal, and present an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification.  The session is repeated in various locations to cut travel time and ensure everyone has an opportunity to attend.  Below are the dates and locations for the remainder of this year’s sessions, all of which start at 7:30pm:

Wednesday, August 12 at the Mansfield Masonic Temple, Mansfield, Ohio

Friday, August 14 at the Cuyahoga Falls Masonic Temple, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Tuesday, August 18 at Guernsey Lodge # 66, Cambridge, Ohio

Thursday, August 20 at Paramutha Lodge # 25, Athens, Ohio

Tuesday, August 25 at Scioto Lodge # 6, Chillicothe, Ohio

Here are some additional dates for your consideration:

September 2, 2015             Lodge.  This is our first meeting after the summer break.

September 7, 2015             Labor Day.  Dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers, it constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

September 12, 2015           15th District Annual Meeting.  Held at Mad River #161 in West Liberty, starting at 9am.  This is the meeting where Inspection dates are finalized and District Officers elected.

September 13, 2015           15th District Awards Dinner.  Held at the Plaza Inn in Mt. Victory.  Dinner costs $15.50, including tax and tip, and starts at 6pm.  Reservations are required by September 11, directed to RWB Larry Lance, District Treasurer.

October 12, 2015                Columbus Day.

October 23-24, 2015           Annual Communication of Grand Lodge, held at the Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio.  Details will be posted as they become available.

November 14, 2015            15th District Fall Education Meeting.  Held at La Rue #463 in La Rue, starting at 9am.

November 26, 2015            Thanksgiving.

December 5, 2015              15th District Past Master Convocation.  Held at Mt. Gilead #206 in Denmark, starting at 9am.

Along the way we will add more dates and information.  Check back often.

That’s all we know for now.  Stay warm, and we’ll

See you in Lodge!