Saturday, December 22, 2018

Welcome to Winter !!!

OK, the calendar finally reflects it.  By itself that doesn’t make it fun, but as with all things there are positive aspects.  For one, the amount of daylight grows with each passing day.  Yes, that means on a clear day in Ohio there will be daylight past 4:30pm.  As this is being typed, it also places us smack dab in the middle of the holiday season.  If bright lights and Christmas carols don’t perk you up, then possibly presents will?  One additional seasonal word represents a multitude of blessings and concerns:  Resolutions. 

Making and breaking them are the first thoughts after hearing that word, but it has a much deeper meaning.  Although spring is thought to symbolize rebirth, it is the New Year that really offers a new beginning.  It is a chance to reexamine, reinvent, or change direction that, although available throughout the year, garners additional attention during the holidays.

Our preference isn’t to look at what to avoid, but what you’d like to enjoy.  Would you like to learn to paint?  Sign up for one of the popular “cup and canvas” sessions.  Would you like to learn an instrument?  Any musician or music store can be contacted about lessons.  Would you like to learn a lecture or charge?  Any Lodge member would be pleased to help you.  No matter the activity, the important thing is to enjoy the process while keeping the goal in mind. 

Our calendar has had its ups and downs lately.  Changes occur everywhere with everything:  seasons, Lodge leadership, community activities, and Lodge events.  Each has shifted since the seasonal chill has settled in.  We’ll take a short stroll through the most changed items on our list.

Lodge leadership supposedly changes every year.  In reality, the changes are gradual, as officers “move up”, usually one office at a time.  This year we have had more of a shuffle, with an injection of fresh faces.  There have been the usual hiccups getting used to new roles, but it has injected a new energy into our gatherings. 

Communities change, and so do their activities.  Our friend Jim Lynch is easing toward retirement, with the pending sale of his grocery.  La Rue’s Christmas in the Village, a popular event since its inception, has given way to a similar event at Pine Acres reindeer farm.  Still, we occupy the same structure we’ve called home since 1926.

Lodge events have changed, although some would say they actually returned to past custom.  We now have dinners prior to each Lodge meeting.  The menu varies, but as with all Lodge meals, if you go away hungry it’s because you wanted to.  With the new faces in new places, we are also spending more time teaching what to do, when, and why.  Things that we took for granted (everybody knew, didn’t they?) have caused us to reflect and refocus – both of which have helped us.

That brings us around to our calendar listings.  The 2018-19 Inspection schedule is available through the 15th District web site, so we won’t duplicate it here.

December 25, 2018            Christmas.  Even though the atmosphere might feature wrapping paper gently falling, or photos of jolly old guys in red suits, we know the real reason for the season.

December 31, 2018            New Year’s Eve.  For many, this is a night of wild parties, falling crystal balls in a far-off city, and making/announcing resolutions.  Before the fun starts, make sure to pick a designated driver!

January 1, 2019                  New Year’s Day.  For those party folks about, this is a day to sleep in and recover.  For some of us it is a day of parades and sports.  For others, it is the make and/or break day for resolutions.

January 2, 2019                  Our first Lodge meeting of 2019.  Dinner at 6:30pm will feature pork and sauerkraut, and an assortment of beverages.

January 12, 2019                15th District Annual Work Day, 9am at Bellefontaine #209.

January 19, 2019                Grand Master’s One Day Class, 8:30am, Ohio Masonic Home, Springfield, Ohio.

March 2, 2019                      Our Inspection in the FC degree.  Pastries and beverages available at 9am, Lodge opens at 10am.

June 8, 2019                        June 8, 2019                        15th District Grand Master’s Reception, starting at 11am in East Liberty.  The meal will be a picnic, open to the entire family at no cost.  Dress will be informal.

As a reminder, we are repeating the following information:

The 15th Masonic District Grand Master’s Reception will be considerably different for 2019.  It will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2019 at the park outside of East Liberty.  It will be a cookout with casual dress (shorts, t-shirt, sandals, etc.), and will start at 11am, with all food and beverages provided.  Attendance is open to all members, spouses, and kids, with no cost to attend.  There will be the customary awards presented, it will just be accomplished in a picnic setting.  Closer to that date they will want an RSVP to make sure they have sufficient supplies. 

That brings us up to date for now.  Have a wonderful and safe holiday season, and we’ll see you in Lodge next year!